Courses & Learning

Dictionaries and Key Sites

Lernu! (Great multilingual site for learning Esperanto with community and chat)

Learn Esperanto on Reddit (Community for learners)

Reta Vortaro (Online Esperanto-Esperanto dictionary) (Plena Ilustrita Vortaro, beautiful Esperanto-Esperanto dictionary)

Sonja Kisa’s Esperanto-English Dictionary (Amazingly thorough, with cited definitions and words/phrases you won’t find elsewhere!)

La Simpla Vortaro (Straightforward, simple dictionary)

Vortoj Vikio (Wiki Esperanto dictionary site)

Taboo Words in Esperanto

Simplaj samsignifaj vortoj (Dictionary of synonyms where neologisms are avoided. Great resource!!)

Russian-run Computer Terminology Dictionary

Komputeko, Computer Terminology Dictionary


Being Colloquial in Esperanto – A reference guide by David K. Jordan hosted by UC San Diego Kurso (This course was my first exposure to Esperanto! I love the simplicity of it and the design of the site is very inviting. Highly recommended!)

Fundamento de Esperanto (Original and fundamental lessons. Also recommended!)

“La Vortaro” (Another online dictionary)

Kurso de Esperanto (Free Esperanto course)

Webpage of Sylvan Zaft (Lessons and other writings by author of Esperanto: A Language for the Global Village)

Word-Building with Affixes by Don Harlow (Very helpful site)

Pacujo Free Esperanto Course

Plena Manlibro de Esperanto Gramatiko by Bertilo Wennergren (detailed grammar reference handbook)

La Nova Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto (PDF) Complete and illustrated Esperanto-Esperanto dictionary.

Esperanto Viva!

Getting Started with Esperanto

Translation (English-Esperanto and Esperanto-English translation service)


Contents of Esperantonia


Mengenal Bahasa Esperanto (ĉe UEA-Vikio)


Corso di Esperanto


Esperanto Kurso (ruse)

Paĝoj de V. Ivanov (ruse/esperante)

Rusa-Esperanto Vortaro de Bokarev (ruse)


Esperanto Internetportal



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